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Fighting Fatty Liver With Exercise

Fighting Fatty Liver With Exercise

Trying to reduce unnecessary and unwanted body fat is motivated by many reasons, each unique to the particular individual that is doing the trying. Even those people who are doing it strictly for vanity, unless they are trying to lose weight to an unhealthy, too skinny target level, will reap other benefits than those that are the obvious cosmetic reasons. Exercise, a main component in a weight loss plan, also gets the blood flowing, the heart working and healthy, the cells fed, and the toxins exiting.

These benefits are commonly understood. But, since even fat that you cannot see can kill you, an overweight diabetic, who will likely have a fatty liver, will benefit from losing that unwanted body fat. A fatty liver raises the risk of ills that go beyond that organ, to include heart disease. Moderate exercise such as walking, biking, or running as little as three times a week, plus some resistance training, can trim fat volume in the liver by as much as 40 percent. This is just an added motivator to get a person exercising. There are so many benefits and so few (none, in fact) downfalls to incorporating exercise into a daily or weekly routine.

Easy Exercise

We all know the role that fitness, or exercise, plays in the goal to burn fat. It can be a daunting goal, that adding exercise into the daily or weekly schedule. The sweat, the time, the pain, the inconvenience. No wonder we don’t do it, right? Nope. Adding exercise does not need to be painful in all of these ways. Exercise, the multi-benefit-to-your-body element, can be found to be…get ready…fun! Did you join a gym with the intent to get fit? Getting your money’s worth? Well, check into the group class or activity schedules that are offered.

Aerobics classes are great exercise and the music helps to take the attention away from the fact that you are –exercising. The added benefit is that if you quit, everyone else will know you are quitting, so you are more likely to stick to it! Racquetball or squash players are often looking for opponents—check the board. What about basketball? Like to do your own thing on your own time? Take a Walkman or IPOD for a walk. Enjoy your favorite music while you wind down mentally and get fit physically. No matter what your best “fit” is to get fit, your body will thank you by dropping some of that weight, letting you sleep better, feeling more energy, and enjoying reduced stress.

Do Hormones Make People Fat?

Unbalanced hormones are more of an issue today than ever before because we are living longer and our lifestyle is determining our health. Back in the day, when people died at a younger age, they died young and healthy of infectious diseases (well, the food also came right from the land!). Now we live long enough that our bodies have time to fall apart!
The operating systems that balance all of the intricate relationships between the bodies systems are expected to work, and work well, for a much longer time. While how one ages is determine by genetics, how fat one is is determined by daily lifestyle habits. This is an alterable part of the aging process. If your genetics have written your future for a death at age 70, an earlier death may be in their future not taking care of oneself resulting in “accelerated metabolic aging.”
A healthy, balanced diet to restore or retain balanced hormone harmony and ward off the diseases associated with “accelerated metabolic aging.” These diseases are cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, and type II diabetes. If you notice, these illnesses are associated with poor habits and/or have been touted to be warded off by weight control, good dietary habits, and regular exercise, all of which reduce the fat stored by the body.

Dieting For The Holidays

The holidays, believe it or not, like it or not, are rapidly approaching. With them comes the fear of overeating or the fear of having to avoid the abundance of tasty morsels. This is all followed by the fear of having to set yet another New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Agreement can be found among experts that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to cut calories gradually, eat a balanced diet, and engage in regular exercise.
Since it takes three weeks to make a habit, we have time to make these changes and have them in place before the feeding frenzy begins. Finding a weight-loss program that works for the individual, however, can be a challenge. Some things to look for are a healthy eating plan that cuts calories without eliminating specific foods or food groups, regular exercise, and slow and steady weight loss goals, ideally no more than three pounds per week.
Also necessary are some guidelines to keep the weight off after it is lost. Choosing the right weight loss program takes time, but because it affects one’s health, the effort and wait (and weight) are well worth it. The right program will allow the weight to be lost, kept off, but will also decrease risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. So let’s go! Let’s get a head start on the resolution!

Convenient Workouts

Many people procrastinate as they ponder getting fit to burn the unwanted fat because they have a somewhat frightening and off-putting vision of what will be entailed. I have a phrase that I found I often find true: “The easier it is to get done, the more likely it will get done.” This applies everywhere. Be “easy” I don’t necessarily mean such as taking a diet pill standing in front of the mirror, and watching the pounds disappear. What I mean is…ok, let’s look at it this way. Many people picture “getting fit” as involving large blocks of time which they may not have (I know I don’t except for the time I am trying to get sleep).
Now consider the person who gets out of bed each day, drives to work, sits in front of a computer and gets the most exercise of the day be cruising the aisles at the grocery store. This rather typical person can see benefits rather quickly by adding 30 minutes of either continuous or intermittent activity most days of the week to be at an increased activity level.
This activity does not need to come from chunks of time that cause other valuable areas to suffer, but can be built into the daily routine. Let’s start by not looking for the closest parking spot at work or the grocery store. Park far away—see, now you get two walks per visit to each place—one from the car to the building, the other returning to the car. While mentally preparing for a meeting or planning the day’s work, walk around the building once or twice. No gym membership, no extra time from the day, and the fat burning has begun as you begin getting fit!


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