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How to Increase HGH with Your Diet

How to Increase HGH with Your Diet

If you have been feeling weaker and more fatigued than ever before, it may have something to do with your body’s HGH levels.

You see, experts say that from age 20 to age 60, your HGH levels decline 80%, resulting in those common symptoms of aging: weak muscles, a tired body and mind, and wrinkled, lined skin.

Your hope and youthful vitality do not have to be lost forever, however; here’s how to increase HGH just making some changes to your diet!

Eat Several Small Meals Throughout the Day

Starting boosting your HGH levels and feeling younger by eating several smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big ones. A study conducted in 1998 at Tufts University proved that when you eat fewer but larger meals, it makes your blood glucose levels to increase.

High blood glucose levels are very important to avoid because they also make your insulin levels rise. This then causes your body to store energy from calories as fat as opposed to using it as energy; it also stops your body from releasing more HGH into your bloodstream. Thus eating those smaller yet more frequent meals will help ensure that your body is a.) utilizing energy properly and b.) secreting an ideal amount of HGH.

To get the best possible results from those smaller meals, try to include balanced and full nutrients: if you make sure that each meal contains sources of fiber, protein, and at least one fruit or vegetable, you will stay full until your next meal and get your essential vitamins.

Cut Back on Certain Food Groups

Your body’s release of HGH is negatively affected when you eat too much fat–specifically, your pituitary gland, the synthesis site of your HGH, does not function as well.

Simple carbohydrates, such as white bread, and foods that are high in sugar also have negative impacts on your HGH levels. Those sugars and simple carbs actually increase your blood glucose levels, which, as was mentioned earlier, will dramatically decrease your HGH secretion.

If you thus shy away from fats, simple carbs, and excess sugar, you will definitely notice a difference as your body is able to produce and release more HGH.

Avoid Eating Right Before Bed

If you are used to eating big meals immediately before bedtime, this is a habit you need to break!

You see, your body releases the biggest amount of HGH while you are asleep, and if you just ate a huge meal, your insulin levels will be extremely high and will keep your body from releasing any HGH.

Don’t stop your growth hormone secretion at its highest potential! Help your body out by avoiding eating a big meal within two hours of going to sleep.

Change Your Diet and Turn Back Time!

Learning how to increase HGH with dietary changes is an excellent way to help restore your vitality and rejuvenate not only your health but also your love of life. Make these vital improvements to your well-being today!

High Growth Hormone Levels and How to Spot Them

HGH promotes normal growth development and helps maintain healthy organs and tissues. HGH is becoming popular among athletes because of its ability to enhance performance for these individuals. On the other hand, too high HGH levels can be dangerous to one’s health and can even lead to death. Anyway too much HGH level in one’s body tend to be rare. You can follow these tips so as to determine if your HGH level is high.

Tip # 1: Consult your doctor about your HGH level.

Go to your doctor and let him check your HGH levels. He will perform a blood test for HGH to see if the symptoms are caused by high levels of HGH. HGH is measured in ng/mL. The normal levels of HGH differ according to sex and age.

Tip # 2: Be aware of the symptoms among children.

Check for any tumor in the pituitary gland in children. High HGH levels in childhood are usually caused by a tumor at the pituitary gland that causes gigantism. Although excess HGH is not the only cause of gigantism but it is one of the most dangerous because if untreated, this can result to death. Usually the tumor is removed but HGH levels should still be monitored to assure that the tumor will not come back again.

Tip # 3: Be aware of the signs among adults

Check if there is any sign of tumor at the pituitary gland for adults. The typical signs among adults are those tumors in the brain near the pituitary gland. In some adults, this symptom is not noticeable until they reach the age of 50 or more. These tumors in the brain can cause headaches, vision problems and other related side effects. The earlier this is diagnosed, the least damage they can cause.

Tip # 4: Check body proportions.

If you are having high HGH level for a long period of time this can result to extra large body proportions. Hands and feet become large, bones are widened and a heavy jaw is developed as compared to those with normal HGH levels. This is applicable to individuals who experienced high HGH during puberty and before puberty.

Tip #5: Know more about possible side effects of high HGH levels.

Be aware of other possible side effects of too much HGH like joint and muscle pain. Breast enlargement is one common side effect of HGH especially among men and can be an indicator of high HGH level. You can also check if your blood sugar is high and if you have diabetes. A rare type of diabetes is caused by too high HGH level especially if high level of this growth hormone is the result of having HGH injections or from taking HGH supplements.

Having high HGH levels or low HGH levels can damage the body’s proper functioning. It then pays to learn more about signs for both instances to be prepared with what you should do for your health. You have learned the different ways by which you can determine high HGH levels. Use them to your advantage.


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