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PhenQ Reviews

PhenQ Reviews

If you’re interested in trying PhenQ then you probably want to read a real, unbiased PhenQ review.

One that answers all the questions you might have about the product, and that will help you to determine whether or not it will work for you. We’ve written this review to help you make an informed decision about the PhenQ slimming supplement. You can read our second review here – https://healthyweightlossplan.net/phenq/.

What Is PhenQ?

This is a diet pill that contains Capsicum (red pepper) as its main ingredient. Studies have shown that Capsicum can help you to burn more fat, boost the metabolism, increase energy, and reduce the appetite. This hot red pepper has been used in cooking for centuries, but more recently it has become famous as a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements.

Is There Proof PhenQ Really Works?

Unlike many of its counterparts, PhenQ actually does have proof that it works there have been many clinical studies and human trials conducted to test the efficacy of the product and its ingredients. Studies have shown the following about this supplement:

  • It can aid in the burning of 278 extra calories per day
  • It can help the body to burn fats and carbs
  • Stimulates fat and carbohydrate oxidation
  • Increases energy levels, and enhances thermogenesis in the body
  • Helps with appetite suppression resulting in reduced calorie intake

PhenQ Pros

  • It’s completely natural and safe (no side effects)
  • The ingredients are clinically proven to work studies have shown that red peppers help to burn fats in the body, and can also suppress the appetite.
  • It is widely featured in many top media publications, and has a big celebrity fanbase.

PhenQ Cons

  • Unsuitable for anyone allergic to chilli peppers or chilli powder.
  • Although it’s not necessary to exercise to lose weight with PhenQ, you should combine the supplement with a healthy balanced diet and exercise for best results.

PhenQ In The Media

One of the reasons PhenQ reviews first decided to check out PhenQ was because we’d seen it mentioned in a top daily newspaper in the UK, the Daily Mail. It prompted us to do some further research into this product, and what we found was that PhenQ has actually been featured in many popular publications both newspapers and magazines. Many celebrities in Hollywood and worldwide are fans of this supplement, and there are many stories of how British model Nicola McLean lost over 20lbs using PhenQ after the birth of her son.

Are there real user reviews of PhenQ?

When establishing whether or not a product works it’s a good idea to see what other users are saying. That’s why PhenQ reviews spent time reading through information and feedback on health forums, discussion boards and blogs. What we found was surprisingly positive (surprising because most diet pills don’t really work, so we weren’t expecting much!). We found that the majority of users were very happy with the results, and many have lost quite a lot of weight using PhenQ.

Here are just a few excerpts from reviews we found online:

“I have been taking these for 3 weeks and have lost 8lb until now since being on them”
“In 2 weeks I have lost 7lb, The first 2 days felt a little hot in the stomach but that was it!”
“I have been using PhenQ for almost 3 weeks now. I don’t know how much I have lost but I have almost lost a dress size.”
“It has really curbed my appetite and I find myself getting full very quickly.”
There are lots more online if you take the time to look, but from what we could see, these comments were pretty indicative of the views of the vast majority of users. There are thousands of new people around the world trying PhenQ every day, so there is a lot of buzz about it on the Internet.

Final Thoughts

We at PhenQ reviews know hat it’s difficult not to be skeptical when it comes to online slimming supplements the reality is that many of them make huge claims and promises, but can’t back them up. Some don’t work at all, whereas others produce a number of rather nasty side effects (and can even be quite dangerous). It can be difficult to know who to trust and which product to choose.

After researching PhenQ in depth we’re happy to recommend it. This seems to be one slimming pill that really stands out from the rest, in terms of transparency (clinical studies show real proof that it works), and positive reviews from users online. Not only that but it’s backed by doctors (and there aren’t many doctors stupid enough to risk their reputation by recommending a diet pill that didn’t work).

There is more than enough evidence to suggest that it works, so it’s definitely worth a try. Some people like to try the product out by purchasing just one bottle, but you’ll save quite a bit of money in the long run if you purchase for at least 3 or 4 months. You’ll likely need to take it this long anyway to achieve best results (unless you only have a little weight to lose).


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